Dwayne Hebert * Texas Regional Manager * Louis and Company
"Victor's work has always been very beautiful, functional, and precise. Victor is one of the most helpful
craftsmen that I have ever dealt with. He gives me solutions to problems I don't even realize I have."

Kevin Custer * Tellepsen Solutions * Project Executive
"I have always found Victor Meinkoth to be very accommodating. I like his hands on approach to business."

Susan Quick
"Whether in my home or office my custom designed creations never fail to draw attention. They are the
combined efforts of Victor and myself, who design and create beautiful functioning millwork to order. The work is
exquisite, durable, and a source of great pride."

Janita Lo * President * JKL International, Inc.
" This is to let you know how pleased I am with your work for all my projects. It is rare to find one who is willing to
work with the designer as a team, whether it is to alter the design to fit the budget or meeting deadlines, you
always came through. As always, your final product meets with my high standard expectation. It's a delight to
have you as my millwork production team on projects."

John Watson, CMPE * Administrator * Northwest Diagnostic Clinic
"Victor Meinkoth has done both personal and professional work for me. The kitchen cabinets that he designed
and built for our high-rise apartment made use of every available space. The quality and value of his work are
outstanding and we receive compliments every time anyone visits our home. Professionally, Victor designed and
built medical cabinetry for our three clinics. The challenge of the job is that he had to take a design that was
merely in my head and translate it into cabinetry that met our functional needs. His work was timely and of the
highest quality. Any minor imperfections were quickly and efficiently repaired by his staff. I give Victor Meinkoth
and Meinkoth Millworks the highest endorsement.

Ken De Lorenzo * Senior Project Director * Cushman and Wakefield of Texas
Competitive pricing, on line delivery and installation, outstanding workmanship and friendly staff.

David Skarke * Managing Director * Holland & Davis, LLC
Meinkoth Millworks provides the value, quality and customer service every business aspires to offer. In less than
half the time required to deliver mass-produced office furniture, Meinkoth Millworks installed high quality
furniture custom built especially for our needsthey were significantly less expensive.